Make a Difference: Care | Protect | Grow


We created the revolutionary Compliance as a Service (CaaS) model not only because it’s good for our clients, but because it benefits the elite team members who deliver it. CaaS has allowed us to build our company on the values of:

  1. Caring for our clients and our employees.
  2. Protecting an environment that provides both physical and financial well-being.
  3. Fueling growth for our customers, team members and company.

These values have served U.S. Compliance well for over 30 years—helping our clients grow their businesses, our team members grow their careers, and our business grow profitably every year. They’ve also helped us achieve world-class scores in both team member engagement (Gallup top 10% of employers) and Client Net Promoter/NPS (Listen 360).

We’re in the business of employing elite EHS professionals, not billable professionals. The flat-rate CaaS service fee model frees our clients from feeling like the meter is running, and frees our team members from the pressure to bill their time. As a result, we’re motivated to serve as our clients’ trusted advisors, and to always do the right thing for both their short- and long-term benefit.

If these values align with yours, consider joining the “A-team” by exploring the following open positions at U.S. Compliance.