“U.S. Compliance keeps us from being complacent. They push us to be better and take us to the next level. They’re not only the experts in safety; they’re passionate about what they do. And it’s hard to find people who are truly passionate about safety.”

How does U.S. Compliance work with industrial company HR professionals?

HR professionals in manufacturing are deeply involved with their company’s work environment, compliance, and efforts to find and keep good workers. That job can be especially challenging in a tight labor market, which is why we work closely with HR professionals throughout our partnership to make sure they get the tools they need to make their jobs a little easier.

Why do HR professionals like U.S. Compliance?

They like us because we address many of their biggest challenges, including “How do we make sure that our workers are safe and our compliance efforts aren’t falling through the cracks?”; “How can we lower our compliance risks without having to significantly alter our existing headcount?”; and “How do we build a reputation as a great place to work so we can attract and retain good employees—especially in a tight labor market?”

How does U.S. Compliance help HR professionals do their jobs better?

We give HR professionals the perfect EHS Compliance solution from a personnel standpoint. We’re flexible in how we work. We blend in seamlessly with your existing compliance personnel. We make regular site visits and become an integral part of your team without taking the resources of full-time employees. In a tight labor market, we address the additional safety concerns that often come with bringing on unskilled workers. We provide multi-lingual resources for diverse employee bases. And when you work with us, your EHS compliance expertise doesn’t walk out the door when an internal compliance officer retires or takes another position.

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