“Our EH&S spend has dropped 75%. Our injury rate is at historic lows. We’re even getting money back from our workers comp carrier!”

How does U.S. Compliance work with industrial company owners and executives?

Depending on the size of the manufacturing company, U.S. Compliance is often hired by company owners and/or executives directly. We work with manufacturing companies in the United States, Canada and Mexico—with owners, CEOs and presidents often serving as our primary points of contact. Our constant focus is not only keeping your operations compliant, but also helping you improve your entire business.

Why do owners and executives like U.S. Compliance?

They like us because of the peace of mind that their OSHA and environmental compliance isn’t falling through the cracks. This frees them to keep their focus on the bigger picture where it belongs—like profitability, growth and reducing injuries. Executives like knowing that they’re providing a safe and vibrant environment, so that when their workers go home to their families, they go home healthy.

How does U.S. Compliance help owners, presidents and CEOs do their jobs better?

U.S. Compliance strengthens the bottom line by delivering high-level EHS compliance for a predictable, flat monthly fee instead of unpredictable hourly rates. We reduce the risk of fines and lawsuits. We help lower workers comp costs. We help owners and executives position their companies as desirable places to work and healthy contributors to their communities. For executives who are constantly dealing with margin pressures, red tape, regulation and labor shortages, we give them an effective, affordable EHS compliance solution that keep regulators happy and helps attract and retain good workers.

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