Yes. U.S. Compliance is a national provider of OSHA compliance and environmental compliance training and consulting – understanding the important differences between national, regional and local regulations. We support thousands of manufacturers throughout the United States, as well as their operations in Canada and Mexico.

We bill on a predictable monthly basis, providing OSHA compliance and environmental compliance consulting as an “always on” service. We do not bill by the hour and our clients are never fearful of being “nickel and dimed.” This is how we’ve operated for over 30 years and have proven it’s the best way to help companies get the biggest bang for their EHS compliance buck.

We provide a comprehensive OSHA compliance and environmental compliance consulting service, covering many national, state and local Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) regulations. While we cover most EHS compliance requirements, we do not offer services in other regulated areas, such as legal or financial compliance.

Our clients have shared lots of benefits with us over the years. Bottom-line, we provide our clients the freedom to work on their business rather than in it – providing the confidence only a 3rd party firm with years of experience, proven tools and a sustainable system can deliver.

Both. When you bring U.S. Compliance on as your EHS compliance partner, your service includes a dedicated representative who visits your site(s) and is supported by a full team behind the scenes. Importantly, our clients value the fact that they can contact us outside of the scheduled visits and for any reason.


Yes! One of our key elements of our Fundamental services is our ability to prepare and assist with potential regulatory inspections. When you partner with U.S. Compliance, you’ll be prepared or supported throughout the process.

Our clients need and receive a highly professional and customized solution provided through our proven Compliance as a Service (CaaS) delivery model. This same model can support those companies who utilize computer based training solutions.

Yes – we can deliver any of our trainings outside of our Compliance as a Service (Caas) programs. Importantly, the training is customized for each client and delivered by the same elite EH&S professionals that provide our CaaS services – offering our training-only clients the additional benefit of a highly trained professional who knows more than just the regulations.

We get it. Many worry that their employees and internal EHS personnel will feel threatened by an outsider infringing on their turf.

That’s why we built our company on a Compliance as a Service (CaaS) model from day one. We customize our services to your specific plants and needs. We come in as partners, not replacements. And we bill our services on a monthly subscription model, so call us when you need us. Most importantly, we see our job as far more than “consulting.” We’re partners for the long haul, because EHS compliance is increasingly complicated and ever-changing. We don’t just tell you what to do; we help you get it done.

No problem. Our service agreement is a “one pager” and offers a simple ninety-day cancellation notification – no annual contract or major commitment. We also make getting started easy by offering our money back guarantee.

Sure, happens a lot. While an assessment is the initial visit for all our Compliance as a Service (CaaS) programs, we understand some companies need “data” to sell or educate management on their compliance liabilities. Our stand-alone assessments are thorough and include a formal report, as well as a scheduled call to review the results and discuss how to best fill the compliance “gaps.”

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