What are the training options and costs?

You can join the DOT Webinar Fundamentals Program for unlimited use, or you can register per webinar, per attendee. If you’re not a part of our DOT Webinar Fundamentals Program, the cost of attending the webinar is $299 per attendee. Attendees will be invoiced after the completion of the training. For onsite needs, U.S. Compliance experts can also provide custom, DOT Training at your location.

For information and pricing on our DOT Webinar Fundamentals Program or Onsite DOT Training, please contact us or call 952-252-3000.

What is the DOT hazardous materials ground shipper training?

DOT HazMat Ground Shipper is training required by the DOT (49 CFR 172.704) for all employees involved in shipping, preparing to ship, transporting or handling hazardous materials. The training must be repeated every 36 months, and the training must be updated whenever there is a regulation change affecting an employee’s job duties. New employees are required to be trained within 90 days of starting job duties in the applicable areas.

Who needs the training?

Employees who:

  • Sign manifests for hazardous materials.
  • Load, unload or handle hazardous materials.
  • Design, manufacture, fabricate, inspect, mark, maintain, recondition, repair or test a package, container or packaging component that is represented, marked, certified or sold as qualified for use in transporting hazardous material in commerce.
  • Prepare hazardous materials for transportation.
  • Are responsible, or who supervise employees responsible, for safely transporting hazardous materials.
  • Operate a vehicle to transport hazardous materials.

How long are the sessions?

Each session will be approximately 4 hours long.

What topics will the training cover?

  • DOT hazardous materials definitions
  • Hazardous materials basic safety training
  • DOT general awareness and familiarization
  • Requirements during transport
  • The hazardous materials table
  • Packaging, marking, labeling, and placarding requirements
  • Shipping papers
  • Emergency response information
  • Hazardous materials security awareness

Upcoming 2024 DOT Webinars

Thursday, July 11 – 8:00AM CT

Thursday, July 11 – 1:00PM CT

Thursday, August 1 – 8:00AM CT

Friday, September 13 – 11:00AM CT

Thursday, October 3 – 8:00AM CT

Thursday, November 14 – 11:00AM CT

Thursday, December 5 – 8:00AM CT

Note: Each registration needs a unique email address to ensure that the registration is recorded properly. The first and last name noted on the registration will be used on the certificate of completion.