As part of our suite of Compliance as a Service (CaaS) solutions, our comprehensive wellness offerings are proven to reduce and control ergonomic risks and costs. When wellness is integrated with our core EHS Fundamentals service, you can expect a higher return on your investment with us. Our wellness experts will work to evaluate your unique needs and provide customized solutions without hiring an in-house professional.

Our process starts by evaluating the impacts on your people, including employee wellness, team morale, and administrative burdens. Next, we evaluate the fiscal impacts to your organization, including workers’ compensation, medical reserves, disability payments, legal fees, and overtime/temporary employee coverage. After our holistic evaluation, we will recommend one of our three solutions below.

Care for your employees’ health and productivity before an injury escalates. Protect your business by minimizing costs related to your most valuable assets. Grow your business and improve your bottom line.


Male factory worker sitting with hurt back


Advanced Ergonomic Assessments

  • Project-Based Advanced Ergonomics Screenings
  • Ergonomic Controls, Recommendation, and Guidance
  • Ergonomic Risk Quantification
  • Desk/Seated Work Assessments

Ongoing Ergonomic Support

  • Ergonomic Screening
  • On Floor Coaching
  • Pre-Implementation Workstation Planning
  • Physical Demands Analysis (PDA)
  • Customized Ergonomic Training
  • Stretching Program Development

Onsite Care

  • Prevent Recordable and Soft-Tissue Injuries when Controls are Inadequate or Infeasible
  • Reduce Recordables, Workers’
    Compensation Claims, and Insurance Premiums
  • Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) Management



“Since U.S. Compliance managed our wellness solutions, we have seen post roll-out reductions of our ergonomic injuries by 92%, and sustained injury reductions year-over-year that allowed us to reduce our self-insured medical reserves and insurance premiums at year 3. Nothing previously attempted achieved this level of reduction and sustainability.”